As a turnkey engineering service provider, since 2008 we have been engaged with several suppliers/dealers, who are shortlisted and tested with time, for their genuine and timely supplies.

Our Procurement department is in contractual agreement with several electrical and mechanical authorized dealers from whom we source genuine spares parts, not only for in-house projects but also for our client projects ,with most competitive prices.
Cemtech can supply following Electrical & Mechanical Spare Parts;

Electrical Spare Parts

  • Power Cables
  • Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)
  • Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)
  • Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB)
  • Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB)
  • Load Break Switches & Switch Disconnector
  • 3-4 Pole Contactors for AC1 & AC3 Applications
  • Motor Circuit Breakers
  • Thermal  Overload & Timing Relays
  • Control, Detection & Indication Products
  • AMF / ATS Panels
  • Synchronizing Panels
  • Line Conditioner 5 – 500 KVA
  • Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
  • Mains Distribution Box
  • Sub Distribution Box

Generator Mechanical Spare Parts

  • Fuel Filters
  • Air Filters
  • Genset Canopies
  • Fuel Tanks 500 liters to 10,000 liters
  • Mobil Oil
  • Gas Kits…… etc

For any specific supplies, please drop us an email at

Grand Challenges for Engineering

  • Engineer the Tools of Scientific Discovery
  • Make Solar Energy Economical
  • Provide Energy from Fusion
  • Prevent Global Warming
  • Provide Access to Clean water
  • Restore & Improve Urban infrastructure
  • Enhance Virtual Reality
  • Advance Health Informatics
  • Engineer Better Medicines

Project Management

Our Project Management Service is a comprehensive service solution. We can manage a deployment from initial project planning to final acceptance and handover.

General Construction

Cemtech provides experienced and knowledgeable professionals to handle all phases of your construction project.


Operation and Maintenance

Power Generation Plants include combined cycle plants, diesel plants, cogeneration plants, water treatment plants and gas turbines and hydro.

Real Estate Development

In this division we mainly focus on the Town Planning, of new Housing societies with aim to evolve ourselves to the Turn Key Real Estate Developers in coming 2-3 years.