Document Management System

What is Document Management System (DMS)?
Document management System, often referred to as DMS, is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner.

Benefits of DMS

- Paperless Environment

- Saves time

- Improves Efficiency

- Saves Costs

- Easy to search and access to the digitized documents

- Easy to retrieve digitized documents

- Save employee valuable time spent in handling & working with documents

- Secure access to digitized documents by applying organizational policies

- Organized documents as per business needs

- Easy to share digitized documents so that multiple employees can access the same document simultaneously

- Easy to manage the digitized documents in terms of history  tracking and versions control

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Grand Challenges for Engineering

  • Engineer the Tools of Scientific Discovery
  • Make Solar Energy Economical
  • Provide Energy from Fusion
  • Prevent Global Warming
  • Provide Access to Clean water
  • Restore & Improve Urban infrastructure
  • Enhance Virtual Reality
  • Advance Health Informatics
  • Engineer Better Medicines

Project Management

Our Project Management Service is a comprehensive service solution. We can manage a deployment from initial project planning to final acceptance and handover.

General Construction

Cemtech provides experienced and knowledgeable professionals to handle all phases of your construction project.


Operation and Maintenance

Power Generation Plants include combined cycle plants, diesel plants, cogeneration plants, water treatment plants and gas turbines and hydro.

Real Estate Development

In this division we mainly focus on the Town Planning, of new Housing societies with aim to evolve ourselves to the Turn Key Real Estate Developers in coming 2-3 years.